Peer-reviewed Publications:

(*Supervised Student)

  • Vercelloni J., Caley J.M., Clifford S., Pearse A.R., Brown R., James A., Christensen B., Bednarz T., Anthony K., Gonzalez-Rivero M., Mengersen K. and Peterson E.E. (2018) Using virtual reality to estimate aesthetic values of coral reefs. Royal Society of Open Science. 5: 172226 (pdf)
  • *Turschwell M.P., Stewart-Koster B., Leigh C., Peterson E.E., Sheldon F., and Balcombe S.R. (In Press) Riparian restoration offsets predicted negative population consequences of climate warming in a threatened headwater fish. Aquatic Conservation.
  • Ver Hoef J.M., Peterson E.E., Hooten M.B., Hanks E.M., and Fortin M.-  J. (2018) Spatial autoregressive models for ecological inference. Ecological Monographs, 88(1): 36-59. (pdf)

Conference Proceedings:

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