Peer-reviewed Publications:

(*Supervised Student)

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  • Peterson E.E., Hanks E.M., Hooten M.B., Ver Hoef J.M., and Fortin M.-J. (In Press) Spatially structured statistical network models for landscape genetics. Ecological Monographs (pdf)
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  • *Pearse A.R., Hamilton R.J., Choat J.H, Pita J., Almany G., Peterson N.A., Hamilton G.S., and Peterson E.E. (2018) Giant coral reef fishes display markedly different susceptibility to night spearfishing. Ecology and Evolution, 8(20): 10247-10256 (pdf)
  • Vercelloni J., Caley J.M., Clifford S., Pearse A.R., Brown R., James A., Christensen B., Bednarz T., Anthony K., Gonzalez-Rivero M., Mengersen K. and Peterson E.E. (2018) Using virtual reality to estimate aesthetic values of coral reefs. Royal Society of Open Science. 5: 172226 (pdf)
  • *Turschwell M.P., Stewart-Koster B., Leigh C., Peterson E.E., Sheldon F., and Balcombe S.R. (2018) Riparian restoration offsets predicted negative population consequences of climate warming in a threatened headwater fish. Aquatic Conservation.
  • Ver Hoef J.M., Peterson E.E., Hooten M.B., Hanks E.M., and Fortin M.-  J. (2018) Spatial autoregressive models for ecological inference. Ecological Monographs, 88(1): 36-59. (pdf)

Conference Proceedings:

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