Virtual Reef Diver

The Virtual Reef Diver project has had two lives. In it’s first life (2015-2016), it was the Monitoring Through Many Eyes project led by researchers from Queensland University of Technology and funded by the CRC for Spatial Information and the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

The aim of the project is to develop an integrated citizen-science platform, which can be used to engage with citizens to better monitor and manage the GBR.

The software platform allows crowd-sourced 2-D imagery taken by recreational and professional divers to be uploaded and geo-located within an existing digital map. Online classification modules have been developed to allow regular citizens to classify benthic habitat (e.g. hard coral, algae, sand) in the images. This expert “prior information” is combined with coral cover monitoring data from multiple professional monitoring groups to build spatio-temporal predictive models used to 1) gain a better understanding of the ecosystem, 2) inform spatially explicit management decisions, and 3) guide future data collection.

For more information about how to contribute, please visit Virtual Reef Diver.

Funding Sources:

Collaborators, Contributors, and Supporters:

Current Team Members:

  • DProf Kerrie Mengersen
  • Dr Ross Brown
  • Gavin Winter
  • Dr Julie Vercelloni
  • Dr Edgar Santos-Fernandez
  • Thom Saunders
  • Allan James
  • Em Rushworth
  • Sarah Quijano
  • Amanda Dunne
  • Tim Gurnett

Past Team Members:

  • DProf Kerrie Mengersen
  • Dr Ross Brown
  • Dr Julie Vercelloni
  • Bryce Christensen
  • Alan Pearse
  • Dr Sam Clifford
  • Dr Carla Ewels
  • Allan James
  • Lyle Mansell (Qld DNRME)
  • Dr Tomasz Bednarz
  • Dr Ken Anthony
  • Dr Julian Caley
  • Zachery Van Haaften-Thompson
  • Sarah Quijano
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