FDAT: Prototype SSN Fish Data Analysis Tool (FDAT) for network-scale modelling of fish density datasets

The aim of this project is to develop web-based statistical tools for modelling salmonid density and habitat relationships using spatial stream-network (SSN) models. We are collaborating with the BPA to design the data summaries and file structures from existing fish data, in order to facilitate SSN analyses. Computationally efficient models will be developed and fit to juvenile salmon and steelhead data collected by dozens of agencies, using covariates associated with the US National Stream Internet (NSI) network, such as temperature and flow. We will be working closely with key BPA fish monitoring partners to develop an efficient web-based interface with tools to inform management, including BiOp work strategies, tributary habitat prioritization for BPA and regional partners, and processes such as BPA’s Atlas restoration prioritization.


Funding Body: 

Bonneville Power Administration, US Department of Energy


Dr Dan Isaak, US Forest Service
Dr Jay Ver Hoef , US NOAA
Dave Nagel, US Forest Service

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