Virtual Reef Diver

The Virtual Reef Diver project is a collaboration between scientists, marine explorers, and citizens working together to document, analyse and predict coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef. The was selected as the ABC Science annual citizen science project for 2018Learn more here.

Improving the ability of the Australian cotton industry to report its sustainability performance

We are working closely with the Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) to 1) benchmark the Australian cotton industry’s economic, environmental, and social sustainability and 2) design tools to help the industry communicate about it’s sustainability in an effective and efficient way. Learn more here.

FDAT: Prototype SSN Fish Data Analysis Tool (FDAT) for network-scale modelling of fish density datasets

The aim of this project is to develop automated web-based statistical tools for modelling salmonid density and habitat relationships using spatial stream-network (SSN) models in the Columbia River Basin, USA. Learn more here.

Anomaly detection in in-situ water quality sensor data

This goal of this project is to develop automated algorithms for detecting anomalies in multivariate water-quality data collected using in-situ sensors in near-real time. Learn more here.

Improving the predictive ability of freshwater ecosystem health models

The goal of this project is to work with Southeast Queensland (SEQ) Healthy Land and Water to Develop predictive models that can be used to estimate ecosystem health-scores at previously sampled and unsampled locations throughout SEQ. Learn more here.

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