Author: Erin Peterson

Our Monitoring Through Many Eyes project selected as the 2018 ABC Science annual citizen science project!

It's true! The Monitoring Through Many Eyes project has been selected as the ABC Science annual citizen science project for 2018! National Science week runs from August 11-18th and the ABC will be actively promoting it through their own channels and those external to the ABC. As you can imagine, we will need to revamp the website before thousands of citizens visit it and to raise money for that...
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New paper on using virtual reality, expert elicitation, and Bayesian modelling for conservation published in the Royal Society of Open Science

Vercelloni J., Caley J.M., Clifford S., Pearse A.R., Brown R., James A., Christensen B., Bednarz T., Anthony K., Gonzalez-Rivero M., Mengersen K. and Peterson E.E. (2018) Using virtual reality to estimate aesthetic values of coral reefs. Royal Society of Open Science. 5: 172226   Abstract Aesthetic value, or beauty, is important to the relationship between humans and natural environments a...
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New paper published in Water Resources Research

Isaak D.J., Wenger S.J., Peterson E.E., Ver Hoef J.M., Nagel D.E., Luce, C.H., Hostetler S.W., Dunham J.B., Roper B.B., Wollrab S.P., Chandler G.L., Horan D.L. and Parkes-Payne S. (2017) The NorWeST summer stream temperature model and scenarios for the western U.S.: A crowd-sourced database and new geospatial tools foster a user-community and predict broad climate warming of rivers and streams. Wa...
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